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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

If you're like I am, you have out-of-towners sharing your home during the holidays, and one of the places I spend the most time cleaning is the guest bathroom.

I mean your guests should have a clean and fresh bathroom to use, right?

I remember when I used to get my dirty clothes on, put my hair up, get my scrub brush and cleaning solution just because I knew I'd be cleaning the shower curtain.

I'd spray on the cleaner and either get in the tub or lean over the tub to scrub that yucky mildew and soap scum from the bottom part of the shower curtain with the scrub brush. It wasn't easy, I'd get splattered on and a kink in my back.

Well those days are long over and they can be for you too!

We have some easy cleaning solutions for cleaning your shower curtain, so it doesn't have to be a pain in your back!

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