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Friday, July 2, 2010

Clutter Problems

Do you have clutter problems? Believe it or not, most people do.

Many of us don’t like to throw things away because it could hold some value in the future. Maybe you don’t know the best way to organize, or you have kids and you just don’t have enough time to organize the clutter.

Don’t get overwhelmed, pick a day to get started and let us help you organize and clean your clutter.

Tips For Getting Rid of Clutter

Start Small.

If there is a lot to clean, pick a small space first so you can get in the rhythm of cleaning and organizing. Then move on and tackle the rest.

Garbage and Recycling.

Have some garbage bags on the ready, go through drawers, shelves, under the bed, etc. Throw away broken and damaged items that can't be fixed, old clothes that can't be worn or fixed, depending on the room you're cleaning it might be old food, toss theses kinds of items into the garbage bag.

Have recycling totes ready and throw in outdated magazines, papers, coupons, empty shoe boxes, anything that can be recycled.

When you have finished with the garbage, it's time to go through and make a give away pile.

The Give Away Pile.

There might be some things you have been hanging on to that haven't been touched in years, or worn forever. Be realistic, if you need the space and you haven't used something or worn an outfit for a couple of years, donate or give the items away to charity.

The Things You Keep.

Once you've gotten rid of the garbage and made the right decision about what will be given away or donated, you have a better idea of what you might want to keep.

Everything has it's place. If it's clothes put them neatly back in the closet and drawers. If it's the kitchen you're cleaning, organize the spices, cereals, snacks, utensils, put things away where it makes the most sense that they should be. Keep like items together

If necessary, purchase plastic, see through, storage containers and stack them nicely or store them neatly on a shelf. You can use baskets and decorative containers too.

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