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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here, summer is on the way. It’s still a little chilly outside but the sun is shining and there is just no excuse to stay inside. Especially when there is some outdoor spring cleaning that can be done.

We are going to be touching on some outdoor chores so you can get some fresh air and motivated. So from now until the end of summer, you can find a clean place to sit and enjoy your yard.

Get the Gutters Cleaned

After all the rain and leaves blowing from winter storms, cleaning the gutters in the spring will ensure they are going to be doing their job efficiently when the spring rains come along.

Wash the Windows

With all the wonderful sunshine that will be coming through your windows, who wants to look at a grimy one?

Here’s a quick recipe for you to use, just don’t use too much of the dishwashing liquid as it could cause streaking.

  • 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid
  • 1 gallon hot water in a bucket

Put the liquid soap in first then add the hot water. Get the windows and window frame nice and clean. Don’t forget to wipe the windows dry after you’ve washed them. Use a soft cloth or wad up some plain brown paper.

Patio Furniture

Spring is such a beautiful time of year and I’m sure you will want to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather. Even if you have purchased furniture covers or the furniture is stored in a shed you’ll want to freshen it up a little bit.

Most often when your patio furniture is stored or covered, all it will need is a quick rinsing off to remove any dust. If necessary give it a quick wipe down with mild dish soap then spray it off.

If your furniture has been left to the elements over the winter months, get a broom or a stiff brush and start by getting all the dirt and debris off. Then use dish soap and water to clean it up and rinse with the hose when you’re done.

Bird Watching

If you have bird houses, or bird feeders they can definitely get grimy over winter. Enjoying birds that come and feed is one of the things we look forward to.

One way to clean small houses and feeders is to get a couple of five gallon buckets, put one item in each bucket to soak for awhile. Before taking them out of the bucket clean them with a cloth then rinse ‘em off.

Cleaning the Garage and the Shed

Get ready to declutter the garage and shed space. Get the family involved with this chore as it’s a bigger one the others we’ve listed. Have all the supplies handy such as garbage bags, storage bins, broom, radio, etc.

Get rid of or donate the things you haven’t seen and haven’t missed over the last year or two. Throw away old broken rusty tools. Store items that have been sitting out that you want to save. Take everything out, all of it. Sweep the floors, get rid of cobwebs and spider webs then put things back in an orderly way.

Clean the lawn mower and replace any parts if necessary, air filters, oil, spark plugs, etc. After all I’m sure you’re tired of looking at all that long grass.

Pick up the Yard

It’s also a great time to pull up dead plants or remove the dead flowers from your favorite hydrangea plant that you didn’t get to before winter. Rake up the leaves and bramble and pull any weeds that dare show themselves from the gardens and get ready for all the new growth.

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