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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cleaning Brushes

How to Clean Paint Brushes.

So you decided things needed to be freshened up a bit and you’ve painted a room or something outside and I’m sure it looks fantastic!

But what happens when you’ve found you forgot to clean a brush? Good brushes can be expensive so don’t throw it away, try one of these suggestions first and try to save it for the next time you want to paint.

Cleaning Oil Paint from Brushes.

You’ll need gloves, a bucket or coffee can, and some turpentine. You might want to work outside for this. Fill the bucket or coffee can with enough turpentine to cover the bristles of the brush and let it sit and soak for 15 – 20 minutes or so.

When you come back, take the brush and work it against the bottom of your container to make it pliable. Put your gloves on and work the bristles apart (while in the turpentine) and gently work to remove the dried paint, you can also use an old toothbrush to comb the paint out.

When the paint is removed, do not soak or rinse in water. You can take an old piece of clothing and wipe off then let air dry. You can then apply a small amount of Vaseline to the bristles then take some plastic wrap and wrap the brush before storing. This will help protect and keep the shape of the brush intact.

Cleaning Water Based Paint from Brushes.

Again using a bucket or coffee can, fill with warm soapy water (you can use a liquid dish detergent). Let the brush soak for a while, you may need to make more warm soapy water - but before you change the water, put your gloves on and work the paint from the bristles of the brush. You can also use an old toothbrush to help remove the dried on paint.

This may need to be done a few times but you should get most of the paint out. Another thing you can do after you’ve soaked and removed some of the paint is to add some liquid dish detergent directly on the brush and gently work it in with your fingers, then let it soak a bit more in warm water.

When you have removed as much paint as you can, rinse and shake out as much water as you can, then soak the brush in hot white vinegar for 15 minutes. Wash with warm soapy water, let air dry then wrap in plastic wrap to help keep the shape of the brush intact.

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