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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stain Removal Tips from a Variety of Surfaces

For any type of stain there are a few basic things to keep in mind. Here are a few emergency basics to quickly help you out.

Use Club Soda for Carpets

This is a good one to keep at your disposal for some of those carpet disasters. Club soda can be used on carpet spills that have not yet set in. Use it quickly to remove a wine stain, coffee stain, pop stain, and more.

Pour some club soda on the stain and carefully blot it up with a terry cloth. Remember to blot – not rub! Club soda will not only help to draw out the stain but keep it from setting.

Don’t forget to use a clean cloth when cleaning up spills on your carpet, rinse when necessary to avoid reintroducing the stain.

Use a pH Detergent for a Milk Spill

Use a pH balanced detergent to blot up a milk stain. Add one teaspoon to one cup warm water and blot up with a terry cloth.

Use Vinegar on Faucets and Shower Heads with Lime/Mineral/Hard Water Deposits

Just about all of us have this handy, universal item in our homes and it’s works for so many jobs around the house. Vinegar.


Do you have lime/mineral/hard water deposits on your bathroom faucets? Tear a few squares of paper towels and soak them with vinegar. Put these over the stains and let sit for at least an hour. Rinse well when done.

Shower Heads

To remove not only hard water deposits but bacteria as well mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 quart water together and place the shower head in the mix. Allow it to soak for about an hour. Rinse well.

If you have a plastic shower head mix equally 1 pint vinegar and hot water and let soak.

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