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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Clean Silk Flowers

There are those of us who have green thumbs and those of us that don't. For those of us that can't manage to keep the simplest of plants alive - the silk flower is often turned to to add color and a little something to decorate and make a room cozy.

A word of advice - keep them out of direct sunlight to keep the color from fading. Keep a variety on hand so you can change them around every now and then.

Alright so let's move on to a couple of cleaning methods you can use to clean your silk flowers and keep them beau-ti-ful.

Shake, Shake - Shake It Up!

In a paper bag (grocery size), put either a handful of salt or cornmeal (about 1 cup, more if you think necessary), or a bag of dried rice. Put your flowers in and shake them up. This is a good way to remove dust and dirt.

Don't forget to make sure the bag top has been folded down a few times to keep everything from flying out.

Water and Liquid Dish Detergent.

Fill your sink half full with cool to luke warm water.

As the water is running, swish in about 2 to 3 tsp. of gentle dishwashing soap to make bubbles. You be the judge depending if you’ve actually added more or less water.

Don’t use hot water as it could cause the flowers to fall apart if the glue loosens.

Keep a rinse bowl handy with plain cool water to dip the flowers in and rinse them off. Use paper towels or a clean towel to lay the flowers out to dry.

Wash a few of the flowers at a time, let two soak while you’re cleaning the other one.

If you keep up with cleaning your silk flowers and they only need a light cleaning then just swish them around, rinse them off, give a little shake to remove excess water, then put them down to dry. This is a good method for the more expensive silk flowers you’ve purchased.

Carefully use your hands to wash each individual flower, dirty petals and all. Be careful of the edges so they don't fray and don't scrub them.

Keep Your Silk Flowers Looking Great!

* As we mentioned above, keep silk flowers out of direct sunlight.
* Test your cleaning methods on a single flower prior to using them.
* If your silk flowers seem a little more fragile and you paid a bit more for them, use a more gentle approach to cleaning them.
* Keep them dusted on a regular basis.

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