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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cleaning your Curtains

Let’s face it, this is something most of us neglect to do and is probably not high on the list of chores to be done. Some of you probably don’t even think about cleaning your curtains, it just doesn’t cross your mind.

Curtains accumulate a lot of dust; they may even harbor a spider or two, dead bugs, and they can get pretty dingy looking when not cleaned.

When you take this, and the fact it isn’t good for anyone with allergies, into consideration you see why it’s important to clean your curtains on a regular basis.

Cleaning your Curtains Weekly

Weekly cleaning can help you get a lot of the dirt and dust off your curtains. When you’re vacuuming the house, take a little time to do the curtains as well. It’s best to vacuum first then dust.

• Start at the top and work your way down.

• Get the hems and folds as most of the dust will accumulate in these areas.

• It’s easier to leave your curtains hanging when you clean them. Hold the curtains taught to vacuum them.

• Be sure to vacuum both sides. Dust and debris collects on the sides facing windows as well, especially when we leave our windows open.

For a more thorough cleaning, read the label to see whether they require dry cleaning or if they can be washed in the washing machine.

Washing your Curtains

Here are a few things to keep in mind when washing is an acceptable method.

• Wash your curtains on a delicate cycle even if the label states it can withstand a heavier cycle. Over time the sun will not only fade the fabric but weaken the fibers.

• Wash in cold water to keep fading and shrinking to a minimum. If drapes are heavily soiled check the label to see if warm water is recommended or not.

• Use a product like Woolite that is designed for delicate fabrics.

• Dry the curtains on a gentle cycle with low to no heat until they are just slightly damp then hang them back on the curtain rod. This will help them hang better than if they were dried completely. Don’t use a hot cycle as this could fade the colors, shrink the curtains, and possibly set in stains.

• Hang dry if label recommends but don’t hang them back on the rod until they have just about completely dried. Dripping water on your carpet could possibly cause mildew.

• Keep windows closed until curtains are dry and don’t vacuum until they’ve dried either.

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