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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blood Stains Be Gone

A red blood splatter.

Summer and warm weather, you gotta love it. I know I do. I was a tomboy when I was growing up. Riding the mini-bike, horses, climbing, you name it, and we were doing it better than the boys were.

Of course, doing these things also left my Mom with quite a lot of dirty laundry, sometimes I’d scrap or seriously scratch an arm or leg leaving my clothes a bloody mess. My mother was none too happy.

Now I know how my Mother felt. After having 3 children (2 daughters and 1 boy), I've removed my share of blood stains and I'd say that qualifies me as a stain removal expert. Keep reading and you’ll be one too!

The old fashioned, tried and true methods remove blood stains on clothing, sheets, blankets, and furniture.

Remember Time is of the Essence

If you can, get to the stain before it dries and has a chance to set in the fabric. A fresh blood stain is easier to remove.

Use Cold Water

Always use COLD water. If you use hot water on a blood stain, you will literally cook the blood binding it to the fabric fibers.

Work Gently

When using a cleaning solution to remove a blood stain, there is no need to be harsh with the garment and possibly damage the fabric. Treat it gently when working with it.

Don’t Put it in The Dryer

After using a treatment for removing blood and washing as you normally would, don’t put the item in the dryer until you are sure the blood stain is gone.

Homemade Blood Stain Remover

Ice Cubes, Shampoo, and Salt

This will work on blood stains that are old and new.
• 2 tablespoon regular table salt
• 1 tablespoon shampoo

Removing a Blood Stain from Regular Fabric

First turn the item inside out. This will help flush the stain out of the fabric and not deeper into it.

Now run really cold water over the stain and remove as much of the blood as you can. Don’t get impatient; it may take a few minutes.

After you have rinsed out as much as you can, put the stopper in the sink and fill it with enough cold water to cover the blood stained item then let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Remove it from the sink and wring out as much water as you can.

Take 1 tablespoon salt and gently use a circular motion and rub over the stain.

Without rinsing, add the shampoo to the salt and work it in. When it lathers, add the rest of the salt and continue to work into the fabric.

Rinse the item completely with cold water and wash as you normally would. Remember not to dry in the dryer until you are sure the stain is out.

In a Hurry and Need to Remove a Blood Stain?

Use two heavy duty paper towels and place them on either side of the blood stain.

Wet the top paper towel in water then dab and apply pressure to the blood stained area so the blood will pass through onto the dry paper towel.

Additional Tips

Here are a few more additional tips you can try when removing a blood stain.

• Spray Windex on the stain before you put it in the laundry. Scrub lightly with an clean toothbrush. Launder as usual, the process may need to be repeated.
• I think we all know about using hydrogen peroxide with a blood stain. Just pour it directly on or over the stain until gone, you may need to repeat the process, wash and check before drying.
• Here’s a good method for jeans and khakis. Lava Soap is works by rubbing it on the stain under cold running water. Do this until you can’t remove any more of the stain. Now apply a stain remover, let it sit about 30 minutes. Wash as usual.

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