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Friday, November 30, 2012

Organizing Small Spaces

Some of the small spaces I’m thinking of are studio apartments, small condos, small eco-friendly homes – those kind of small spaces.

Spaces where you might need to get a little creative in how you think about what you buy and how it can be used.

Here is a list of items you may find useful in your small space. The more creative you get, the more original and unique your space will be.

Storage Ideas

Shelving Units

Shelves can be bought with three, six, nine, and twelve cubbies. Storage can be used for shoes, books, photos, knick knacks (if you must), dishware, clothes, purses, keys, food, and you can even add small hooks and use one for jewelry.

Re-purposing Items for Shelves

If you are someone, like me, that likes to recycle and re-purpose items, look to apple crates. I love these especially if you can find the old ones in good condition. Stack them as high as you need them and connect them with brackets.

These can be used anywhere in the home and are great for getting your things looking neat and organized.


An ottoman with storage is great for an extra place to put things. Many come with flip tops with a tray on one side, these are great when entertaining. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your needs.

Old Suitcases

I like old suitcases because they have a character all their own. If they could tell us stories, I’m sure we’d be captivated. I use old suitcases to store linens, blankets, sweaters, shoes and so on.

Then you can stack the suitcases and use them as a side table or night stand.

Small Jars with Lids

If your shelf space is limited, get creative. Baby food jars or other small jars with lids can be affixed to the underside of shelves for storing herbs, candies, craft items, makeup, etc.


Coat Racks, Wall Hooks

If you don’t have a closet or you have a small closet and need more room for hanging clothes, look for wall hooks or a coat rack. You can hang hats, coats, umbrellas, scarves, etc.

An antique hall tree might work for you. They have hooks for hanging your hangables, a seat, and some have storage and a mirror. You could even put a little table in front of the seat for eating - if you are really limited on space.

You can also make your own by using old door knobs and hooks on an old piece of barn wood or something.

Hanging Organizers

There are hanging organizers for shoes and clothes. These can hang in closets when there is no room for a dresser or behind a door for storing shoes.

Hanging organizers also work great for your personal paperwork, crafts, office supplies, and so many other things when you’re limited on space.

Sleeping Arrangements

Loft Bunks

If you are truly limited on space, one option is to think about loft bunks. With these you have a top bunk for sleeping and space below for a couch, dresser, table and chairs, or even a closet area.

Transforming Sofas

There are sofas made that transform in seconds into bunk beds with ladder and guard rail. The downfall with these is they can be a bit spendy, but definitely a great idea!

Sleeper Sofa/Futon

Futons fold out in seconds from sofa to bed, same with the sleeper sofa. What’s nice about the sleeper sofa is you can get them with storage for extra bedding materials.

These are just some ideas for you to run with. Take a look in thrift stores and don't be afraid to re-purpose items to make them your own. 

Image courtesy of Michael Coghlan

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cleaning Shower Doors

How many of you have glass shower doors? And how many of you have looked at those shower doors thinking – how can I get them sparkling clean again?

Well don’t think you have to put the rubber gloves on and use some over powering cleaners because you don’t have to.

There’s no need to use chemicals that stay in your hair and nose follicles. In a weird sort of way that last sentence kind of reminds me a little of the My Favorite Things song from the Sound of Music. Weird, I know.

Anyway there are easy ways of cleaning chemical free. Keep reading to find a better way to clean your shower doors.

News Flash! Fabric Softeners Are Not Just for the Dryer

Go to the laundry room and get one of the dryer sheets. When you’re back in the bathroom, moisten it a little and start swiping away those hard water stains.

When you’ve finished, use a paper towel to wipe the door down and you’ll be amazed that you can see through the shower door again. Yippee!!


White vinegar is non-toxic and can also be used to clean the glass on shower doors. In a spray bottle use equal amounts of water to vinegar, then spray and wipe clean.

Vinegar is slightly acidic so make sure you are not spraying around marble, granite, and natural stones as it can etch the surface and ruin the shine.

The Power of Baking Soda

Alright, for this method you might want to wear gloves but only because you will also be using hot water.

Not only does baking soda work great for cooking and scrubbing dirty pots and pans but it’s also a great cleaning agent for removing soap scum.

Get something that you can pour hot water in. Then get a sponge, dip it in the hot water, then sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda on the sponge. Using some elbow grease the baking soda will wipe right through that hard to remove soap scum.

Keep the sponge wet and use more baking soda as needed.

Magic Erasers Are Really Quite Magic

The magic eraser is used with the same idea as the fabric softener. Dampen the magic eraser and clean the door for a sparkling clean! Follow up with a wet sponge or cloth then dry.

So you see. You can use items you already have in the house to clean the shower. No chemicals, no harsh smells.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect

Time fly’s, doesn’t it? Where I live summer came late, it almost seems like fall never left. And now it’s here again. It’s also the beginning of the flu season.

Our kids will go off to school and some will bring the flu home with them. We go off to work and bring the germs home with us. It’s a cycle that happens no matter how healthy you try and keep your family.

There are things you can do in an effort to keep the germs at bay and your home or office clean and sanitized.

Wash Your Hands

This is something we learn at a young age. Wash your hands regularly. This is especially true when you come in contact with someone who is not feeling well, or you are coughing and sneezing.

If you are not somewhere where you can wash your hands, keep hand sanitizer handy. My daughter keeps a small container in her sons backpack as well as some sani-hand wipes.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Whether you are at home or at the office, keep those high traffic surface areas wiped down.

• Light switches
• Doorknobs and handles (doors, refrigerator, microwave, etc.)
• Faucets and sink handles
• Computer keyboard and mouse
• Printer and faxes
• Desktops
• Countertops

Here are a few disinfectant/sanitizing wipes:

• Purell
• Lysol
• Good and Clean

Here is a homemade recipe for sanitizing kitchen and bathroom surfaces. You may not see the germs and bacteria, but they’re still there.

• In a large bowl or container, combine 1 gallon cold water and 1 tablespoon unscented, liquid chlorine bleach.

Dip a clean cloth into the solution and wipe down all surfaces. Allow the solution to stay on the surface for a minimum of one minute to get the best disinfecting action. Wipe dry with a clean, cotton cloth.

Don’t Share

I don’t know about you but when I’m heavy in thought, I chew on the end of my pen (well the pen cap). So it’s probably a good idea you don’t share things like that, not to mention those that wipe their nose with the backs of their hand – yuk! – germs!! and you’re using their pen, gross.

Other things you should consider not sharing are cups, kisses, toothbrush, bites of food, etc.

Remember, it’s the little things you do that can help prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, keeping you, your family, and friends healthy.

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