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Friday, December 28, 2012

Storing Your Holiday Decorations

We had a great Christmas holiday. I hope you all did too.

Some of you may keep your decorations up until after the New Year and some of you might jump right in – right after the holiday. (Hmm, I’ve heard of that.)

This may not be one of the most exciting times, but you’ll feel relieved and refreshed for the beginning of a new year with a clutter free home.

Ideas for Storing Holiday Decorations

Christmas Lights

Recycle a piece of recycled cardboard out of the recycle bin. The size will depend on the amount of lights you have. If you have many, you may want to use a couple.

Carefully take the lights down and wrap around the cardboard to keep them from getting tangled. Store in storage container until next year.

If you use tons of lights, you might want to think about purchasing Christmas light storage reels.

Storing Small Extension Cords

Use old toilet paper tubes to store your extension cords. Bundle the cord and slide it in the paper roll. This works for one extension cord each.

Storing large Extension Cords

We had a hose reel that got cracked. After buying a new one, we recycled the old as the new extension cord reel. Keeps those larger cords nice and tidey.

Artificial Garland

Use same method as Christmas light storage.

If you have lots of lights, use a storage container and carefully coil inside.

Storing Artificial Christmas Wreaths

First, if there is left over room in the garland container, store large wreaths inside.

Hat boxes work great for wreaths. They come in various sizes that can work great for most artificial wreaths.

Ornament Storage

Ornaments should be wrapped prior to storing. You can use tissue, bubble wrap, newspaper, a soft cloth, etc.

They can be stored in: an original box, holiday ornament storage containers, storage box, etc.

Putting away the Artificial Christmas Tree

When taking the different sections apart, carefully wrap each piece with twine or cloth. When all pieces are down, wrap it all in an old bed sheet before storing.

Store in original box or buy a storage bag. Storage bags are also nice if you have a large tree you don’t want to take apart and have the space to store it somewhere.

Storing Wrapping Paper

Unused wrapping papers can be stored in a nice plastic storage container meant just for wrapping papers. These hold more than paper too. Although there aren’t different compartments, there is enough room for bows and ribbons, as well as a place on the lid for tape and scissors.

They also have gift wrapping storage units that hang in a closet. They hold papers, bows, tape, ribbons, etc.

Well, again, I hope you all had a very Happy Holiday and Wishing you the Best New Year!

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