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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cleaning Chore Lists for Kids

Free Kids Chore List

Here is a free and handy chore list for young children around the ages of 4 and 5.

These are easy chores to help your kids get started with responsibilities. And at this age they are motivated and still think it's fun to help you out around the house.

How the Chore Chart Works

The chores are listed in rows and the days are in columns. Mark an X in the row under the day it should be finished or if you have more than one child, write their name in a square. All your kids have to do is look at the chart to know what they have to do and on what day.

Many kids by the age of four are learning or know the days of the week so they may not need anymore help than you showing them how the chore should be done.

When the chore is complete, your child can put a Sticker where chores have been completed.

Your kids will feel a sense of accomplishment when they've done something without being told to do it!

Clean Room: picking up and putting away toys, clothes, books, making the bed, dusting, putting clothes in the dirty clothes basket.
Make dusting fun - use an old sock the kids can put on their hand and dust away.

Put Toys Away: many kids have toys not only in the bedroom but the family room or living room. They should also put these away in the specified location for that room.

Sorting Laundry: whites, darks, towels, etc.

Get your Kids in on the Planning

Here are some ways you can help your kids get more involved in the planning of their chores, these ideas can help make it more fun for them, make them feel responsible!

  1. Let your kids pick the chore
  2. and the day it should be completed by
The days of the week are spelled out in the download version of this Chore List.

Kids Chore List








Clean Room

Put Toys Away

Feed Pets

Sort Laundry

Put the Dishes Away

Take Out Trash

Download Free Kids Chore List free.

More Age Appropriate Chore Ideas:

Here are a few more ideas kids in this age bracket can help you with:
  • Bringing in the groceries.
  • Putting the groceries away.
  • Set the table.
  • Help cleaning the floors.
 These can be added to the list or replace another item from the list after you have downloaded it.


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