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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keeping a Clean, Organized House using Dump Baskets

I like a clean and tidy house and I like coming home to a clean house, not a whirlwind of disorganized stuff.

It wasn't always like that though, I mean I kept a clean house but there were days that would get away from us. We'd get busy with kids, school, work and Wham! the mess was there.

I'd come home and there'd be stuff covering the counters or the desk was messy and I didn't want to sit and pay bills. My thoughts felt as scattered as the contents in my home.

That's about the time we incorporated "Dump Baskets".

What is a Dump Basket?

A dump basket is a tool to help keep the house clean and organized. You place them in areas of the house where things tend to get dumped. Then one day (or days) you put the contents from the dump basket where they belong.

This saves you time and energy during the week to relax and not worry so much about picking up after everyone.

A dump basket can be of any size, rectangular, square, circular, and design to fit in with your decor.

Where do you put a Dump Basket?

Before you buy, take some time to figure out all the areas of the house where your baskets need to be placed.

For example:

In the living area to catch toys, magazines, clothing items, etc.
One in the kitchen for mail, newspaper, pens, etc.
One in the front hall for keys, wallets, phones, etc.

In the living and bedroom areas it makes more sense to have larger baskets, maybe a medium sized basket somewhere in the kitchen, and so on.

Give this idea a try and you might be surprised how efficiently dump baskets can work!

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