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Friday, September 6, 2013

15 Easy Ways To Motivate You to Start Cleaning

Kids Playing with Water and DogWhat makes it easier for you to clean?

What are some of the reasons why you clean? Here’s why I and others in my circle of friends and family clean.
  1. This one’s pretty obvious, it just looks better.
  2. Dirty dishes piled in the sink look bad and make me tired.
  3. Giving the bedroom a quick clean before bed eliminates tripping on the way to the bathroom
  4. It’s esthetically pleasing.
  5. A clean home smells fresh.
  6. I feel more efficient when the house is clean.
  7. If friends stop by unexpectedly. I don’t want them knowing my dirty little secrets.
  8. If I clean a little every day, and keep on top of it, I don’t have to do a major cleaning very often. (maybe until the holidays roll around.)
  9. I don’t like coming home to a messy house.
  10. If it’s clean and put away, I can’t break it. Therefore I don’t have to buy it again!
  11. I sleep better on clean sheets.
  12. I don’t feel stressed out.
  13. Company is coming.
  14. I've got energy or I'm bored and I don’t want to watch TV.
  15. I don't wear shoes in the house. I like knowing the floors are clean.

What Inspires You to Clean?

Now that we know why you clean, what inspires you to clean?
  1. The kids can play on the floor and I know it’s clean and no lurking dirt or grime getting on them or the toys.
  2. It’s therapeutic.
  3. Some of the reality TV shows I watch like Hoarders.
  4. A good cocktail!
  5. It’s a good excuse to turn the music up and listen to old time rock n roll.
  6. Out with the old, In with the new!
  7. Cleanings a good workout, the exercise of it.
  8. Money. We’re selling the house.
  9. My kids and being able to spend quality time with them, watching them have fun.
  10. I have pets and love them but I don’t like the smell.
  11. I’m inspired to get more furniture.
  12. My best friend’s house. It always looks and smells so clean and fresh.
  13. I know where things are. Yeah!
  14. It’s an inspiration to me when I get help cleaning.
  15. I’m inspired to deep clean and purge. Then go on a shopping trip.

What are your reasons for cleaning and what inspires you?

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