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Friday, November 28, 2014

Washing Picture Windows

New homes or old, picture windows can add such a dramatic statement and just scream look at me! I love them and the varying degrees of light that comes streaming through.

If you’re a home owner who has beautiful picture windows, I know how proud you are of them. If you’re a home owner remodeling your home, thinking about getting picture windows, what a great option.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer looking to clean the windows, all you need is a few supplies and you’ll be cleaning like the professionals. A professional window washer can cost up to $200 plus dollars depending on how many panes of glass you have.

Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year; it could be more depending on weather conditions and how clean you like your windows.

With the initial cost of purchasing window supplies – you are saving money already!

Supply List

This is a suggested supply list:

•    Bucket
•    Squeegee. If all you have are large panes of glass, a regular squeegee should be all you need. If you have divided windows, you’ll need a smaller squeegee as well.
•    Extension Pole
•    Scrubbers
•    Cleaning Solution (recipe below)
•    Rags for wiping squeegee blade
•    Lint free cloth for wiping along edges
•    Green Scrubby to remove debris
•    Step Ladder

When should you Wash the Windows?

The best time to wash windows is on a cloudy/overcast day. I know you might like to work on your tan but washing windows on a sunny day will only cause streaking and the possibility of cleaning them again.

Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution is Dawn dishwashing liquid and water. I know, super easy. Fill the bucket with warm water then add in 1 teaspoon Dawn liquid. Swish to mix the Dawn throughout the water. That’s all.

Oops! I added too much dish soap. If you added a little bit more dish soap than the recipe calls for, don’t worry about it. You can safely add up to 2 teaspoons without the worry of having too many suds. Too much sudsiness can cause your windows to be streaky and leave a residue so try to use just the one teaspoon.

Remake the cleaning solution as the water gets dirty.

Cleaning the Glass

We clean the inside and outside windows at the same time. This way we are really looking out a clean window.

When cleaning the inside windows, lay down a towel(s) to catch drips.

  1. Prior to washing, wet the window and use the green scrubby or scrapper of your choice, to remove any debris.
  2. Dip the scrubber into the cleaning solution then squeeze off the excess water and wash the window. Overlap your strokes to be sure you are covering all the glass.
  3. Squeegee off the water and wipe the blade after each stroke. Slightly overlap your strokes.
  4. Dry any remaining water from around the edges, corners and windowsill.

You can either squeegee in a reverse “S” motion, across, or down. Do what works best for you.


  1. Place a part of the dry rag in your pants pocket then when it’s time to wipe the squeegee blade after each stroke.
  2. If not using the reverse “S” motion with the squeegee, angle the squeegee slightly while pulling across or down the window in order to direct the excess water down the glass.
  3. If you can’t find a small enough squeegee for your divided window panes, cut a large squeegee and smooth the edges. You should be able to find a small enough size somewhere like Amazon.

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