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Thursday, March 3, 2016

7 Steps to Cleaning Your Vacuum

How to Clean the Vacuum.


Cleaning the Vacuum Cleaner

We try to clean our home and keep up with the housework on a regular basis. Maybe it’s every few days, once a week, or less often? But how often do we think to clean the vacuum cleaner?

No matter what kind of vacuum you use, I’m pretty sure it’s a veritable work horse with all the dirt, debris, hair and who knows what else we have it suck up. Sometimes it truly amazes me mine runs as long as it does, especially when my younger kids are vacuuming.

So treating your vacuum and the accessories that came with it, to a good cleaning on a somewhat regular basis can’t hurt. It’s not a time consuming job and something that can be done when the weather’s keeping you indoors.

Step 1: Be sure the vacuum is unplugged. I’m sure this bit of instruction isn’t necessary but you never know.

Step 2: If parts need to be removed, make sure you know how to put it back together by taking pictures or labeling.

Step 3: Use mild soap and water to clean the accessories and the body of the vacuum including the handle, canister area, outside of the hoses, wheels, etc.

Step 4: Clean the filters. This is something that should be done on a more regular basis than cleaning the vacuum itself. Filters can get very dirty quickly and there is only so many times you can clean the dirt, dust and muck off before they need to be replaced.

If you do clean the filter occasionally before replacing, use an old toothbrush to gently remove the stuck on dirt and grime. You can also use a shop vac to get this off. If necessary, wash with a mild soap and warm water.

Step 5: Clean the hoses. Some hoses can be removed. For these you can add a little soap to warm water in the sink, submerge and rinse. Let completely dry before putting them back.

For hoses that cannot be removed, you can wrap something like a Clorox wipe to the end of a mop handle and secure it with strong tape or rubber bands. Gently and carefully clean the inside of the hose. Again, let dry completely before using.

Step 6: Carefully clean the brush by removing as much hair and other debris as possible. Then use scissors or a seam ripper to cut away any remaining hair, carpet fibers, etc. Wipe down the brush and the compartment when you’ve finished.

Step 7: To keep the air fresh when vacuuming you can either put a scented clip in the bag, add a dryer sheet or baking soda to the bag, or place a scented sample perfume strip (like the samples you get in the mail) or a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil under the bag in the compartment area.

That’s it, not so hard or time consuming.

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