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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to Get Pet Hair off Your Furniture

Family Pet Dog Outside on the Grass.

Dog or cat, short hair or long, getting pet hair off your furniture is not a fun chore. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel as there are many products for you to try. You probably have one or more of these already, if not, they can easily be purchased online from a place like Amazon.


Vacuum the furniture every time you vacuum the floors, just attach the upholstery tool and vacuum the cushions, under the cushions, back, sides and arms. Use the crevice tool to get in the crevices and nooks and even under the couch.

Household Sponge

I‘ve used an ordinary household sponge to lift pet hair from pillows and cushions on my couch. This method actually works quite well either wet or dry, when necessary, just rinse the hair from the sponge.  Make sure your sponge isn’t too wet; a slightly damp sponge is all you need. Store this sponge somewhere where it won’t get used when cleaning the counters.

Damp Rubber Gloves

Similar to the household sponge, a damp rubber glove also works pretty good at picking up pet hair but the main drawback - when the rubber dried (which happens fairly quick) the pet hair starts falling off the glove back onto the furniture I just cleaned.

Petmate Pet Hair Magnet

This tool resembles a squeegee and works in the same way. I simply “squeegeed” my couch and was able to easily grab the piles of hair, no mess, not bad.

This might also be something you can use to remove pet hair from a comforter or clothing items.

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

I have a short haired dog and this product didn’t seem to work as well as some of the other things I’ve tried, so I gave it to a friend who has a few long-haired pets, and she really liked it.  Maybe it’s a product better suited for heavy duty jobs or for pets that shed more than my dog does?

I felt there were a few downsides:

  1. This would not be the tool for a quick fix; it took time to remove the hair.
  2. If it gets dirty while you’re using it – you will need to rinse it and then wait until it is fully dry before using again.

Lint Roller

The lint roller is good to pick up some last remaining bits of pet hair after trying some of these other methods.

I hope you find one of the above products useful to you. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces.

Ideas for Storing Pots and Pans in Small Spaces

If you live in a small space and are limited on kitchen storage, how about looking to your vertical space for additional storage and how you can utilize wall space to store your pots and pans?
If this is something you might be interested in, here are a few ideas, depending on your style, maybe one of these solutions can work for you:

Reclaimed Steel Scaffolding Pipe

These old pipes may be found in a salvage yard and would look great hanging on the wall to store pots and pans that hang from S-hooks.

Old Picket Fencing

If you’ve got a little country charm going on in your house an old piece of reclaimed picket fencing can be used to hang your pots and pans. Look for fun coat and hat hangers to attach to the fencing for pans and accessories.


Pegboard can be found in wood or metal. If industrial is your style, one of these options might work for you. There are accessories for pegboards like hooks and baskets that can be used to hold pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

Are you the creative type? Do you have a small space and have a unique piece to save you space? Let us know.

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