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Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips

Mrs. Clean with a Mop Getting Ready to Clean theHouse.

House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning, stain removal, and organizing tips to help you keep a clean house and reduce the time and effort it takes to keep your house clean.

Here are a few quick tips:

1. Dusting Blinds

If the blinds in your house are not extremely dirty and don't need a good bath but just an overhaul, here's a great tip if; you like me, have mysteriously lost socks in the dryer.

Take the lone, clean sock and slip it on your hand to wipe dust away.

If you feel you need to do a lite cleaning, you can add a gallon of warm water to a bucket then add 2 tablespoons of a liquid laundry detergent, low sudsing and no bleach (swish to mix). (Don't add much more than that or you could end up leaving a film on the blinds which will only attract more dust to your just cleaned blinds.)

Use one sock to wipe down the blinds and another one to wipe it dry. I do a few slats at a time so I don't end up with spots.

2. Make the Most of Cleaning

To make the most of your cleaning, work from top to bottom (upstairs to downstairs, in rooms, start at the ceiling and work your way down or the top of the shower and down, etc.) and back to front (vacuuming a room or mopping the floor).

Doing it in this way stops a clean area from getting dirty with, for instance, cobwebs falling on already dusted table tops, footprints on vacuumed carpets or walking over just mopped floors.

3. Clean Dirty Utensils and Cookware as You Go

When you're preparing to start big meal, typically breakfast or dinner, fill the sink with warm, soapy water. As you're finished with utensils, drop them in the water to soak while you eat, to make cleanup easier.

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